We heart traveling. A LOT.  So it’s in our nature to jump at any opportunity that involves hopping on a plane! But what’s even better is when you’re able to travel and share the experience with great friends. When Ashley + Mike approached us with the idea of shooting their wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, we were over the moon with excitement, joy, and overall giddiness. The anticipation was obviously killing us because Ashley and I spent months sending each other photos and photography inspiration!

Then the day was upon us. 40 of Ashley + Mike’s closest family and friends from all around Canada gathered at the gorgeous Azul Fives resort in Mexico to celebrate their love and relax in the sun.

Ashley + Mike shared their “first look debate” with me during the wedding planning process. In the end they decided to keep it traditional and see each other for the first time as Ashley walked down the isle. But the suggestion of a first look between Ashley and her dad George was too adorable to pass up. So after Ashley put on her dress and completed her gorgeous look, I invited her dad, George into the room to see his daughter for the first time in her dress. It was such a sweet, loving moment!

Originally, the ceremony and reception was to be held on the sky deck, which overlooked the turquoise ocean, but because no wedding is ever perfect, the weather called for rain and the bride and groom without blinking decided to change to covered locations. It just goes to show that no matter how much you plan for your wedding day, weather is always out of your control, and you just have to gracefully roll with the punches. Regardless of all the last minute changes Ashley + Mike were married surrounded by their favourite people and the warm Mexican air.

Before the party started, we had some alone time with the newlyweds, and we decided on the spot to take them up to the sky deck – the space that they fell in love with (it didn’t end up raining anyway). The ocean waves crashed in the distance and the breeze felt refreshing. We often get asked what our favourite part of a wedding day to shoot is and the bride and groom’s portraits always stick out in our minds. It’s the time where the newlyweds can relax and spend a moment alone with each other. We always see the relaxation set in their shoulders when they realize they are husband and wife and that all the formalities are over. It’s such a raw part of the day that both Brandon and I enjoy.

I’ve done enough talking, and I think it’s time for some pretty photos! We hope you enjoy them half as much as we enjoyed the margaritas and tacos! Mexico, we’ll be back soon!

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