As I stepped into my salt covered boots, wrapped a scarf around my face, slapped on some gloves, and buttoned up my wool coat this morning, I thought to myself “I’m so over winter – like, totally over it.” Who’s with me?! The thought of spring being around the corner makes me feel all giddy and warm inside and the sooner spring comes, the sooner wedding season can begin! I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT – and the anticipation is killing me! I can’t wait for all our 2016 weddings and I’m so looking forward to capturing the memories for all of our special couples. So in celebration of this upcoming wedding season, I present to you the beautiful and intimate wedding of Meaghan + Matt.

Meaghan + Matt were the most kind-hearted couple to work with and their small intimate wedding at Patterson Kaye Lodge in Muskoka was just as sweet as they were. The day started out the way most of our weddings do – Brandon spent time shooting with the guys as they suited up, and I meet up with the ladies for fun girly-time with the bride and her family and friends. After everyone was dressed to the nines, we each made our way to the predetermined spot and prepared for the moment where the groom sees his beautiful glowing bride for the first time. Meaghan smiled the biggest smile as she glided across the forest floor to her soon-to-be husband. She lightly tapped Matt on the shoulder, he turned to face her and they finally made eye-contact. It was such a genuine moment. Then the tears started… not only from the emotional bride + groom, but from yours truly. Weddings have always tugged at my heart strings and if by any chance our 2016 couples are reading this, there is a good chance I will cry at your wedding. Its just one of those things I can’t control – I promise I won’t draw any attention to myself!

After family portraits, wedding party and bride + groom photos at the GORGEOUS Bracebridge waterfalls, we traveled a short distance to Patterson Kaye Lodge for the ceremony and reception. The light during the ceremony was magical. The golden sun set slowly as Meaghan + Matt exchanged vows and devoted their lives to one another in front of their closest family and friends. It was a ceremony I will never forget.

I’m so proud to share these photos with everyone, and hang in there, winter will be over soon.

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