Romantic Toronto Engagement – three of my favourite words! Nikki + Adam let me take the lead when suggesting the primary location for their engagement shoot. Which, co’mon, I was totally stoked for because it’s been a silent dream of mine to shoot in an empty parking garage! I love these two people you see before you. We also have something huge in common – we love donuts. Nikki loves donuts so much that Adam presented Nikki with a dozen vanilla dip donuts (as well as a pretty incredible ring) when he proposed. Well donuts are basically edible rings anyway, so it was still legit! When you scroll down you’ll see a little ceremonial cameo by said donuts! 

After our jaunt around the parking garage, we headed to U of T with an outfit change! Nikki and Adam wanted to dress up a bit and shoot around the gothic + historical University of Toronto campus – which made me one happy lady because I’ve always had the urge to shoot there! What’s the takeaway from this shoot? I love how Nikki + Adam displayed both sides of their personality for their engagement shoot. They brought the casual, donut consuming vibes to the first half of the shoot, and then showed of their shinny side during the second half of their shoot. They are the type of people that love to get fancy but also enjoy their time in sweat pants – who doesn’t! They stayed true to themselves – that’s the lesson here. 

When a couple is true to who they are deep down, they can be truly authentic in front of the camera for photos. When truth + authenticity combine when shooting, an amazing thing happens. The couple lend their open hearts to me and I photograph them being themselves in love – which is a simple concept when you think about it. I’m forever grateful for every soul that steps in front of our lenses – especially these two.