Megan + Alexis’ love story is one for the ages. They first met in Halifax where they went to university together. As the story goes, they started dating and then stopped because as Megan puts it “it fizzled for all sorts of reasons that in hindsight I believe were due to young love.” Two years later, Alexis starting working in Ottawa and Megan was back in Toronto. They then found themselves back together attempting a long distance relationship which ended after they couldn’t find the right balance. Fast forward six years later when they reconnected and decided to give their relationship another shot. Alexis knew it wasn’t over. Which brings us all to the day that Megan + Alexis got married.

Megan reached out to us, told us their story, and we knew we were the right photographers for them. They wanted a small, relaxed “wedding” where they can celebrate with their beloved family and close friends. After the sweet ceremony at City Hall, Megan’s dad escorted us to a spot at Old City Hall where he and Megan’s mom stood on the day of their wedding. It was in this moment that I realized that there was an underlining theme throughout M + A’s wedding day – everything comes full circle. For example, Megan’s wedding ring was belonged to her grandmother, the moment when Megan stood exactly where her mother stood on her wedding day, and their relationship as a whole. They were meant to be together.

After some time for photos around city hall, the happy couple’s family and friends arrived at Gusto 101 for lunch. They celebrated over a family style meal, shared stories and laughed the day away.

Megan + Alexis, thank you for reminding us that true love never fails. It weathers the storm and always comes full circle.